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The people of Ukraine need all the help they can get. We'd be delighted if you would like to donate money or maybe a vehicle.

If your friends and family will support you, you could raise enough to buy an ambulance or a 4x4 vehicle and drive it to the border yourself. We can provide you with all the support you need: sourcing the vehicle, documentation, insurance, aid and recipient charity.

We fill our vehicles with aid and are always looking for more supplies for donation. 



Can you donate a second hand 4x4 or minibus? We will also pay fair prices for good quality second hand ambulances and other vehicles. Please contact us if you can help.


Can you raise between £6.5k to £8.5k to buy a 4x4 or ambulance and drive it to the Ukraine border yourself/with a friend? We can support you. Please get in touch with us.


We always fill our vehicles with aid for Ukraine - medical and humanitarian. If you can support us with this, please contact us.


Our Ukrainian expat friends already have the all the admin in place for transferring the vehicles. We will fundraise for donations to pay for the vehicles but would welcome donations of vehicles of course.

In general, below is a list of what we are looking for around vehicles:


  • Vehicles – 4x4s, Pick-ups, Ambulances, Minibuses, either donated or to purchase  

  • Contacts in the motor industry to source vehicles – car auctions, 4x4 specialists, motor traders  

  • Network of mechanics/garages to check the vehicles

  • Vehicle Transporters to hire or preferably pro bono 

  • Drivers to volunteer to deliver the vehicles to Poland (usually) 

  • Motor insurance companies to donate cover 

  • Ferry companies to donate tickets


If you are a medical organisation or a supplier to these, with supplies of medical aid useful for Ukraine, we could really do with your help to fill our vehicles on our convoys. Please get in touch.

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