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The first convoy organised by Mighty Convoy was in August 2022. Enough funds were raised to purchase 3 ambulances. Finding good ones was pretty tricky but we got there eventually and found 3 in good condition. We collected them from the West Midlands and brought them at first to London.

On Friday August 5th 2022 a team of 6 volunteer drivers convened in Teddington. Simon was joined by Kieran, Will, David, Alex and Matt Prior, who all donated their time to support Ukraine. Matt is the editor at large at Autocar, and he joined the convoy to experience first-hand what Mighty Convoy is doing, and to write a feature in Autocar.

Read it here.


The Friday was spent loading medical aid from a number of organisations before overnighting in Kent. Everyone was up bright and early on Saturday 6th to catch a 4am ferry from Dover to Calais. We picked up a couple of Ukrainian expats we know at the port so the convoy grew to 5 vehicles for a while.

The journey resumed, driving through the night to enter Poland early Sunday morning and arriving in Krakow mid morning.  Four of the guys flew home from Krakow, while Simon and Matt had a good night's sleep before meeting up with Alex, our contact from Ukraine for the onward journey.


The next morning we crossed into Ukraine and drove onto Lviv. Alex was very helpful with getting us through the border controls, as we were effectively 'importing' 3 ambulances.


Finally we arrived at our destination - the CMAU or Christian Medical Association of Ukraine. We were given a tour of its very impressive warehouse facility on the outskirts of Lviv by its president Rudi Migovich. Then Simon did a ceremonial handover of the keys to Rudi. 

Click here for a video clip of Simon at the CMAU warehouse.

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